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PhiCanada Microblading ONLINE Training Introduction & Advanced Practice In The Skill Of Microblading.

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All About PhiBrows Online Training

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Craft Master is an online Android and IOS application. It is a brand new concept of teaching the technique using classroom system in a specially designed learning application.

PhiAcademy is a worldwide project.

The application is a tool that enables students to communicate with the Academy whenever they want during the next 6 months.

The students send their works which are graded until they get a certificate one day. The application has 11 different levels and the students have to pass each level, step by step, in order to obtain the certificate.

The application contains lectures with hours of video material and hundreds of pictures that help students learn everything they need to know about the microblading technique.

It is supported by the Academy’s official technician, chemist, lawyer and doctor for all the questions that the students may have.

The Craft Master also contains links to PhiBrows online shop and Forum, everything that a member of the PhiBrows family needs.

CraftMaster App

Craft Master is an online Android and IOS application.

Craft Master is a brand new concept of teaching the technique using classroom system in a specially designed learning application.

Key benefits from learning microblading with the Craft Master application are:

Saving traveling costs

Saving your precious time

Practicing whenever and wherever you want

Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

You Can Choose your Desire Online Training DATE after registration!

CraftMaster App

PhiBrows Course Kit

  • Self Adhesive Pigment Container (50pcs)
  • Scissors & Tweezers (1pc)
  • Universal Holder (1pc)
  • PhiCompass (1pc)
  • Pencils (2pcs)
  • Disposable Tools (30pcs)
  • PhiBlade U-304 (50pcs)
  • Stroke Marker (1pc)
  • Latex (3pcs)
  • PhiShield Skin Candy (50pcs)
  • Skin Candy & Phi Topic
  • (After Care, Antishock 1, Antishock 2, Scar Protection, Sun & Sweat Protection)
  • PhiWipes After Care (5pcs)
  • PhiWipes Makeup Remover (5pcs)
  • PhiWipes Block Tonic (1pc)
    (Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Golden Brown, Fox)
    (Black, Red, Yellow)


Education price is C$2,700 + 13% tax

Phibrows Microblading Certification Online


Certified students get inscribed in the PhiBrows WebMap, as well as the Phi Artists that took the professional trainings, thus have the right to attend the Perfectioning Training and Masterclass by Branko Babic.
See the PhiBrows Artists WebMap HERE

Become A Certified Phibrows Artist

Take advantage of Phibrows Canada LIVE courses now!
Go in-depth on each step needed from tool sterilization, skin structure, proper application, and aftercare!

Levels Of Certification

PhiBrows Offers Students 3 Levels Of Certification.


  • Complete a 2-day microblading course
  • Pass all 11 levels on CraftMaster App (usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete)

Royal Artist

In order for an Artist to become a Royal Artist, he/she has to:

  • Have minimum one-year experience with PMU or at least 6 months PhiBrows experience
  • Be exceptionally active in the PhiCommunity (PMU & microblading world community)
  • be highly appreciated by the other Artists and Masters
  • help selflessly to developing students
  • follow the trends and continually perfect his/her skills
  • be careful when choosing working equipment and materials

When an Artist rises enough, he/she will be proposed to all PhiMasters for the title of a Royal Artist. All the Masters have to agree unanimously about the assignment of the title.

Royal Artists have access to Craft Master and MasterClass with special conditions and special price.


A PhiMaster primarily has to be chosen among Royal Artists.

A PhiMaster is a person that has been certified by the Academy to transfer the skill and knowledge to the others. The Academy guarantees for the Master’s expertise. PhiMaster can be a title of either an official representative of the Academy or an independent Master.

Official Masters teach the students for the Craft Master App that provides materials for Phi students schooling. Independent Masters can also use the Craft Master App, but with their own tutoring materials.

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