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PowderBrows Basic Training Course Details

I, Taiyaba Saleem is proud to be Master of the Branko Babic Academy. I have years of experience in the field of Permanent Make-Up.

Powder Brows Basic course includes 2 days of live training with theoretical and practical part and 6 months of learning through Craft Master mobile application with professional monitoring.

PowderBrows Basic is absolutely suitable for beginners as well as for already trained permanent make-up artists who want to learn this technique.

The training teaches you step by step how to develop your skills and acquire the technique.

It contains all information about skin, hygiene, needle science, hand-piece guidance, Do’s & Don’t’s about the techniques themselves and much more.

Students who complete the PowderBrows Basic Training receive the PowderBrows Artist Certificate and the PowderBrows Artist Logo with name and number.

PowderBrows Basic students are also listed on the official Phi World Map.

Afterwards you can of course develop further and achieve the title of Royal Artist, in later episodes possibly up to Master!

PowderBrows Basic Training:

  • 6 months intensive Craft Master Support
  • 26 Lectures
  • Countless videos
  • PowderBrows Technology
  • Cover Up of an existing PMU!
  • Phi PowderBrows Artist Certificate
  • Entry on the Phi World Map
  • PowderBrows logo with name + number
  • Everything you need!

The PowderBrows Basic
Starter KIT

(Included in the Course Price)

Powder Brows Basic Starter Kit (No-Machine)
  • 1x Phi Thinner
  • 1x Scissors & Tweezers
  • 50X Skin Candy
  • 5x Ascept Wipes
  • 1x Drawing Pencil Set (2pcs)
  • 5X MakeUp Remover Wipes
  • 1x Phi Foam
  • 1x Mixer
  • 1x Divider
  • 3x Blank Latex
  • 50x Self Adhesive Pigment Container

PhiContour Pigments:

  • 1x Brown 1
  • 1x Brown 2
  • 1x Brown 3

PhiBrows Pigments:

  • 1x Black SUPE
  • 1x Red SUPE
  • 1x Yellow SUPE


Training Price + Starter Kit (No Machine) ……. C$3,100 + 13% tax
Powder Brows Trainings Guide
Powder Brows BASIC Powder Brows PERFECTION
Suitable for Beginners? χ
Suitable for Changeovers?
Previous experience necessary? χ
Kit included?
Kit with machine available?
Title upgrade (Royal Artist) χ
Phi World Map Listing χ
Logo with Name + Number χ
Logo? Artist Perfection
Certificate? Artist Perfection
Duration of the Support 6 Months 6 Months
Number of Levels 9 5
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • English
Techniques Powder Brows
  • Powder Brows
  • Ombre Brows
  • Defined Brows
Extra Access to the Following Courses:

  • Skin Expert
  • First Class Service
  • Hygiene

PowderBrows Perfection Training Course Details

Coming Soon!

The PowderBrows Perfection
Starter KIT

(Included in the Course Price)

Powder Brows Perfection Starter Kit (No-Machine)
  • 1x Divider
  • 1x Drawing Pencil Set (2pcs)
  • 3x Blank Latex
  • 1x Scissors & Tweezers

PhiContour Pigments:

  • 1x Brown 1
  • 1x Brown 2
  • 1x Brown 3

PowderBrows FAQ

What are PowderBrows?

The trend of the 90’s, when everyone wanted to have a thin eyebrow style, is long gone. Today’s trend is the exact opposite. Natural styles create today’s perfect eyebrow. If you think of a permanent make-up with exaggerated, strikingly tattooed eyebrows in dark tones, even blue or green, you should remember that the 90s are over, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem so!!!!

What is different about PowderBrows vs. traditional machine shading?

The trend, the Ombré Brows:
While the shading technique in the lower part, as well as in the last third of the brow is emphasized more strikingly, the drawing runs upwards and in front softer and brighter, which provides for a 3D effect, from which also the designation Ombre Brows comes.
The play with shading means that there are no limits to unique color gradients.
If, on the other hand, you value absolute naturalness, you can opt for the more natural variant of shading.

How long does learning take?

The PowderBrows technique can be learned very quickly. With daily practice, of course!

Can anyone be successful with it?

Absolutely! The trend towards natural permanent make-up is constantly on the rise.
It can also be used very variably, which makes the technology even more attractive.

Why is it important for a microblading artist to learn this technique?

This is easy to answer, the best thing about the PowderBrows technique is that it is particularly well suited to refresh, improve or correct existing, faded or unsuccessful permanent make-up.
PowderBrows is suitable for all skin types and can also be combined with Microblading.
There are no limits to the variations here.
Whether you use the shading in the middle area or only in the back area of the brow is up to the artists.

Do I receive a certificate after completing the course?

Students who complete the PowderBrows Basic Training receive the PowderBrows Artist Certificate and the PowderBrows Artist Logo with name and number.
Basic PowderBrows students are listed on the Phi World Map.

Students who complete the PowderBrows Perfection Training receive the PowderBrows logo and the PowderBrows Perfection certificate.

How do you sell a microblading to the customer?

Quite simply, the technology can be combined with microblading or used as a refresher.
If a Microblading customer wants to change the style after one year, nothing stands in the way, whether as a combination with Microblading, as complete powder shading or Ombre Style Shading.

Can PowderBrows increase your income? How?

There are so many points in favour of increasing income
Just to mention a few:
-not every customer wants to have Microblading
-not every skin type is suitable for a microblading treatment (in contrast to powder browsing)
-The technique can be combined with microblading, so a higher price can be charged for the treatment.
-Powder Browsers are best suited for Cover up’s of already existing PMUs

Are Microblading customers open to it?

Yes, because the PowderBrows technology can be combined with it or also generally suitable as touch up treatment.
The combination can be used variably.
e.g. as shading in the middle area of the brow combined to microblading, as shading of the rear area to set stronger accents or as shading of the whole brow.

What types of clients / situations are good for PowderBrows?

The technology is basically suitable for every type. Of course, not everyone is blessed by nature with perfect eyebrow growth.
The perfect solution! The natural PowderBrows technique or the Ombre Shading technique is the way to the dream brow, which can be individually designed in color and shape.

Where do you see the future of the PMU?

The styles and techniques of Permanent Make Up have evolved enormously and thus the most natural results can be achieved which achieve the absolute WOW effect.
The trend will continue to rise as everyone wants to look perfect these days.

Can I develop further afterwards and achieve further titles within the Academy?

Of course, after you have completed the PowderBrows Basic Training, our goal is to make you an exceptional artist.
Your success is also our success! With constant practice and eagerness you will reach higher and higher levels like Royal Artist or Master (this applies to all Basic Trainings).

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