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Lashes Lifting Workshop

Kits and workshops are included to price. All the information about workshop are below-mentioned:

  • Workshop lasts 1 day as theoric and pratic.
  • In theoric part, students get all the information in detailed.
  • When students practice, they can ask whatever they want to the Master and they are always monitored by Master. You can get all answers about LashesLifting such as the choice of silicone pad, sticking the lashes to the pad, using enough amount of the products and all the details about Lasheslifting.
  • Students are asked to perform on a live model. They can have a chance to perform in front of the Master and Master always checks their work and gives useful hints during this period.


Lashes Lifting Training Price is C$ 2,000 + tax (includes Lashes Lifting Kit and 3 months Craft Master online support after online training)

Deposit of C$ 1,000 + tax is required to be paid 10 days before the education starts.

Free Kit

During each online course you will receive a Lashes Lifting Kit. Includes:

  • 1 Lifting cream – sachet 1.5 ml .. 10/1
  • 1 Moisturising serum – sachet 1.5 ml .. 10/1
  • 1 Neutralising lotion – sachet 1.5 ml .. 10/1
  • 1 LashesLifting bonder
  • 1 LashesLifting tool
  • 3 Silicon shield (small*medium*large) .. 10/1
  • 5 Eye patches
  • 1 Dappen dish
  • 1 Philashes foaming cleanser
  • 1 Philashes mascara wands .. 80/1
  • 1 Philashes Microbrush .. 100/1
  • 1 Philashes tape
  • 1 Glue ring .. 50/1

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