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Taiyaba Saleem as a Phibrows Master has the first Canadian Master in PhiAcademy.

A Phibrows Master primarily has to be chosen among Royal Artists.

She believes that less is more, subtlety is a main feature of her work she ensures that her clients consistently receive exceptional Permanent cosmetic results and her approachable personality ensures that her clients feel at ease from start to finish.

Her commitment to excellence combined with her artistic skill, expertise and meticulous approach, ethical values and outrageous passion to her practice give her the edge in Permanent Cosmetics and her other treatments.

PhiCanada is the only Official PhiBrows Academy that certify students in the Phibrows method of Microblading.

All In Class Phibrows Microblading Courses We offer variety of other Phibrows brand semi-permanent makeup courses.

As a Microblading practitioner if you need any information to grow your business, we are available.

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